Leadership in Health Care

At their 2016 Summer Meeting, Canada’s Premiers received a report on the Health Care Innovation Working Group (HCIWG) entitled Leadership in Healthcare: Report to Canada’s Premiers on the Achievements of the Health Care Innovation Working Group, 2013-2016. The successful achievements of the working group include:

  • collaborative efforts on pharmaceuticals resulting in price reductions for 18 generic drugs (effective April 1, 2016) and negotiated price agreements for 95 brand name drugs. This work has resulted in more than $712 million in combined savings annually through the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA);
  • jurisdictions across the country are implementing models of good practice in team-based approaches for providing care;
  • promoting guidelines for treating heart disease and diabetes;
  • increasing focus and awareness of ensuring appropriate care; and,
  • creating innovative models for seniors’ care that prioritize home and community care over long-term care institutionalization.


Health Care Sustainability
July 22, 2016